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This is the number of layoffs in the industry during 2024 |




2024 has taken a fairly important step in terms of the video game industry, since in just the first two months incidents have been reported in relation to layoffs, something that began precisely with the almost 2,000 people who will soon leave Microsoft. This was followed by cuts in places like Embracer Group, Electronic Arts, Sonythe more companies that have decided to do without employees to preserve stable profit margins to keep shareholders happy.

The dismissal of workers has been in smaller or larger numbers depending on the company in question, and high-caliber analysts such as Tom Henderson mention that up to this moment there is an approximate number of 7,000 people who are leaving the industry, as he mentions that It will get worse as the months go by. This means that if 2023 was considered a negative year in terms of eliminated personnel, it will be able to surpass that mark without problems.

Today's news talks about more than 7,000 layoffs in 2024 alone and it will not be the end. In my opinion, these stories will continue to emerge for at least the next 18 months, and those companies that have already suffered mass layoffs will make more rounds as they continue their restructuring.

It is worth mentioning that the bad news was arriving gradually, but since we arrived on the first day of February there was a kind of rush for companies to begin with the statements in which they mention restructuring that entails saying goodbye to people from the template. The bad news is that they have not made a recommendation plan or anything similar; At least there are three months of compensation left by law, in which they will be paid a salary when they have left their position.

With the comments left by the experts, it is possible that this number of 7,000 will increase as the months go by.

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Editor's note: Quite sad that chaos continues to persist in the industry, despite the fact that it is one of the businesses that generate the most in general entertainment, since below are cinema and music. However, there is something that makes companies have to make important changes.

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