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Although we are still more than a year away from the premiere of Superman: Legacy, filming on the long-awaited new DCU movie is about to begin. In this way, a series of images have been released that give us an idea of ​​the type of film that awaits us, and That includes the physique that David Corenswet will have, the one in charge of giving life to this version of the Man of Steel.

Recently, a photograph by David Corenswet has become popular, where we can see his physical transformation to give life to Superman. By May 2023, the actor still had his normal figure. However, in November 2023, just a couple of months later, he was captured with a substantial augmentation, making it clear that he intends to use the Man of Steel suit to the best of his ability.


Let us remember that Henry Cavill, who previously played this character, also entered day and night so that his body was in line with what was seen in the comics, something that Corenswet is achieving. Considering that Superman: Legacy will be released until August 11, 2025, There is still a long time left to see this version of the character on screen. However, filming for this film is expected to begin this year, so we will soon have more information about this project.

Yes ok Superman: Legacy It will be the first live action DCU movie, It will not be the first production of this universe, since the animated series of Creature Commandos, a strange decision, but one that James Gunn, co-head of DC Studios, has faith in. On related topics, Superman and more characters will reach the public domain. Likewise, Rocksteady didn't work on a Superman game.

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Editor's Note:

Although the physical section is very important, this is not the only thing that defines Superman. Fortunately, everything seems to indicate that this film will be inspired by one of the character's best comics, so the essence of the character could be maintained, which is the most important thing.

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