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Shadow of the Erdtree, the DLC for Elden Ring, was released a few hours ago and has already garnered impressive player numbers on Steam. The first user reviews have also started pouring in. What is the mood like?

How did the release go? The wait finally came to an end yesterday, April 20, 2024. Elden Ring fans all over the world were able to start the big expansion, depending on the time zone. In Germany, it started at midnight.


This was preceded by update 1.12, the patch notes of which you can read on MeinMMO. This brought the game up to date and prepared everything for the DLC.

And then the moment came: countless players flocked to the dark shadow land, ready to despair once again at the new, tough bosses. Together with those who are still playing the main game, there were already over 550,000 players simultaneously on Steam shortly after release (via That’s impressive for an expansion that costs 40 euros and can only be started in the endgame.


In addition, a large proportion of players had not yet fulfilled the requirements for the DLC. The highest number of concurrent users in Elden Ring is 953,426 in the main game. It remains to be seen whether this record can be repeated or even surpassed next weekend.


Elden Ring introduces the boss enemies of the DLC

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The reviews speak a clear language

How is the DLC received? Over half a million players at the same time is one thing – but what do users think about the expansion?


So far, the DLC has received over 3,800 reviews on Steam (as of June 21, 2024). This gives an average rating of “very positive”. Overall, 92% of the reviews are positive.

The written reviews on Steam are largely unanimous. Although most players have only played a few hours of the 40-hour DLC, they are already expressing their opinions.

  • “The DLC is probably better than most triple-AAA games this year….Is it possible for a DLC to get GOTY???” writes FaTale Schalbe.
  • “This map design/world building is incredible. The base game was fantastic, but this is simply peak gaming,” says Jonas.
  • “Absolutely fantastic. If Elden Ring is a 10/10, this is easily an 11/10,” says kripipl.

After just a few hours of gameplay, the DLC can win over many players.

Are there any dissenting voices? Yes, there are. User SlendySlasher doesn’t agree with the exclusive praise. While he thinks a lot of the expansion is great and has fun with it, he criticizes the difficulty of the later bosses and, above all, that their HP bars are absurdly large.

Some players therefore call the difficulty level “artificial”. Technical problems such as frame drops also lead to negative reviews. These could possibly be fixed with future patches.


Overall, the mood is positive and there is a lot of interest in the DLC. Have you already played it? How do you like the new areas, weapons, abilities and bosses? Let us know in the comments. You can find all the information about the expansion on MeinMMO.

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