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This is what they look like with the Apple Vision Pro in public



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After months of waiting, the Apple Vision Pro, mixed reality device, is finally available to the general public. In this way, in recent days a series of videos have become popular that show people using this headset, and The result is interesting and disturbing at the same time.

Currently, we can find a series of videos on social networks that show us what people who use the Apple Vision Pro look like. The device allows you to use Apple applications through augmented reality. This means that we can be in a coffee shop and watch movies, or write on a document, and at the same time be aware of our surroundings.

However, this also means that people using the Apple Vision Pro appear to be typing in the air, or moving their hands for no reason. As a result, The following videos show us people walking on the street, driving or using public transportation while using this new device.

On social media, users have begun to call this an episode of Black Mirror, since Apple Vision Pro users do not seem to be connected to the real world. As always happens, only time will tell us if this is the way to go or not. On related topics, this is the first unboxing of the headset. Likewise, these are the reviews of the device.

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Editor's Note:

It's strange to see people using the Apple Vision Pro. The device creates a clear distance between people and the rest of the world. However, it is also true that products such as smart cell phones also caused a similar feeling, and today they are part of everyday life, although the price of the Apple Vision Pro is a barrier that not many will be able to overcome.

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