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This official PS5 gaming headset is much cheaper than Sony's – and it's now almost 50% less on Amazon



This PS5 gaming headset makes your sound a real pleasure. Take advantage of the Amazon Easter offer now and fire up your PlayStation.

The Trust headset is ideal for PlayStation 4 and 5 players. When you face an epic boss like the “Nameless King” in Dark Souls 3 and hear the powerful sound, you're in the thick of it. You feel the opponent's power when he attacks you. Every sound is impressive, whether a magical attack or a normal attack. The Easter offers only last until March 25th, so don't miss out on this great sound. Now save 43% and only pays €29.99 instead of €52.99.

Grab the PS5 gaming headset on Amazon

Pros and cons at a glance


  • Powerful bass
  • Reasonable wearing comfort
  • Strong price-performance
  • Good microphone

  • Microphone is not removable
  • Just a handle

Trust's PS5 gaming headset is awesome

At this price-performance ratio you get an immersive super sound. Thanks to its compatibility with PlayStation 4 and 5, this headset offers great audio quality and a comfortable gaming experience. Launch strong exclusives like The Last of Us Part 2 and use every little noise to your advantage. But be careful, the powerful sound is so immersive that you'll think there's a clicker right in your room.

The GXT 488 Forze-B features a foldable microphone that can be easily adjusted by you and enables clear communication while playing. Give precise instructions as you move through Rainbow Six Siege. The microphone reproduces your voice clearly to turn your strategy into victory.

The headband is adjustable so you can personalize the fit to suit your needs. This ensures you are comfortable to wear even during longer gaming sessions or tactical team discussions. The over-ear headphones also offer good noise isolation so you can fully concentrate on your game.

Grab the PS5 gaming headset on Amazon

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