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This will have to be paid by Sony for its lawsuit from the PS Store




It is well known that PlayStation is going through problems regarding the layoffs that were reported today, but that is not all that has been made known in the media, since months ago they were dragging other cases that include lawsuits about online store prices. And now, it has been revealed how much money Sony will have to pay in case they end up losing the case that has made possible a large number of players in Europe.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) was sued last year on behalf of almost 9 million people in the United Kingdom who had purchased digital games or additional content through the store in question, given that many of these prices do not usually align with what is seen in other regions such as USA. This has as a consequence the value of 7.9 billion dollars that must be paid for the lawsuit, since it has been said that the figures in the store are unfair and nothing is done about it because it is the leader in the region.

Alex Neill A consumer advocate who has worked on previous campaigns is bringing the case against sony, valued at up to 5 billion pounds ($6.23 billion) plus interest. Claiming that the company abused its dominant position by requiring games and DLC to be bought and sold only through the store, which charges a 30% commission to developers and publishers. Something that not only affects the part of the consumer in question.

The Competition Appeals Tribunal confirmed that the case of Neill could continue, but said that people who had made purchases on PlayStation Store after the case was filed in 2022 they should be removed from the proposed class of plaintiffs. And although the company is currently appealing, it is possible that in the end it could give in to the demands of its customers, since they always tend to release their games at high prices, given that the European currency is more expensive.

A ruling in this case has not yet been reached.

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Editor's note: It would be interesting to see how Sony loses the lawsuit, I won't deny it. And I am also against their store, because in the case of Mexico they charge us for games in dollars, but that is not all, given that we also have to pay a tax that I consider unfair.

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