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This would be Bluey’s boyfriend in the series




During episode 43 of the first season of the series Bluey, the character of Jean Luc made his first appearance in the acclaimed children’s show. Immediately, the public fell in love with this dark blue Labrador, not only for his attitude and accent, but for the endearing relationship he formed with Bluey in a short time, to the point that many fans want him to be their boyfriend.

That’s right, on social networks, part of the audience that watches Bluey has pointed out that the protagonist must have a boyfriend, and that must be Jean Luc. Although his appearance was short, here we can see how he tries to learn English to communicate, and not only that, since the end of the chapter has moved more than one person.


Throughout this episode, we can see how Bluey and Jean Luc interact as children, in a way that goes beyond friendship. However, considering that this is a memory, eventually everything has to end, but before this happens, they both promise to meet again in the future. 17 years later, these two characters meet again in the same place.

This is just the wish of the fans, and At the moment it is unknown if Bluey will eventually have a boyfriend, but it is not something that can be ruled out either. On related topics, this is the series that has come to replace Bluey. Likewise, we already know when he will return Bluey to Disney.


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Author’s Note:

Bluey It has been praised as a great children’s series due to the themes it touches on and the way it speaks to children. In this way, it has earned the recognition of more than one person, and it is good to see that this is currently maintained.


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