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This would be the interface of the Nintendo Switch 2




While we already know that the successor to the Nintendo Switch is on the way, the Japanese company is not yet ready to talk about its hardware, although this does not mean that information about the console is not available in one way or another. This is the case of a new patent from the Big N, which gives us a look at what the Switch 2 interface could be.

Recently, a Nintendo patent was found, which shows us a screen with multiple elements, with a couple of aspects similar to the interface found in classic console applications on Switch Online. Here we are shown the saved game data in a selection menuall to help us remember your previous sessions.

The patent shows us an interface that makes use of specific moments of our game to create a carousel of previous images, which would help us remember which section of the adventure we are in. The document also notes that instead of just showing the cover of a title, these screenshots would be used elsewhere.

It seems that Nintendo wants to do something similar with what is already available on the eShop, where we can see a couple of images of a game before selecting it. Of course, it is important to mention that there is no guarantee that this patent will be fully implemented on the Switch 2, and it can only be a way for Nintendo to protect its intellectual property.

Considering that the successor to the Switch will be available next year, It is very likely that we will see more information about this console in the near future. We can only wait. On related topics, Visions of Mana would arrive on Switch 2. Likewise, a new game in development for this console emerges.

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Author’s Note:

Patents are a good way to give us an idea of ​​the type of hardware we will see in the future, but they should not be taken as a fact. Sometimes these are simple experiments that are not implemented properly. In this case, the new interface could happen, but considering that the Switch 2 is considered “a new model”, we may not see a substantial change.

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