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Three Mario Game Boy games will come to Switch Online |




This March 1st, Mario's Day is officially celebrated, in which surprises were expected from Nintendoand that's how it all started with the news that there will be a second movie Super Mario Bros. by Illumination Studiosand also the release dates for two great remasters that come directly from Game Cube and 3DS. However, this is not all, as they announced three classics of game boy to commemorate the character.

It was announced that Dr. Mario, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis They will be part of the catalog of Switch Online the next March 12. Two come from the catalog of Game Boy Color and one of the classic ones, which will have the functions you already know, that is, save and rewind options, and let's not forget display options for more fidelity with the original hardware and software.

It is worth mentioning that just paying the standard membership subscription is enough to access these classic games, the expansion pass is not necessary. Likewise, it is possible that during the night of March 11 the titles for our region arrive, this is because at that time it is already the next day in Japan, so in theory it would already be March 12.

Via: Nintendo

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Editor's note: I've been waiting for Mario Tennis for a long time, so I'm pretty happy with the news. Although they would have shown off more by announcing games for all platforms, for example, Smash on the 64, Mario Party Advance on the GBA app and some other classics.

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