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Ticketmaster changes its refund policies




From a few months ago Ticketmaster It has become a trend for different reasons, although they are almost always negative issues related to the duplication of tickets, selling seats in quantities that extend beyond the venues and even the cancellations of some groups before their live performance. And speaking of the latter, the company has implemented a new rule that is very much at its convenience, leaving customers in the background.

As detected by users who have purchased tickets in recent days, they now have to accept a clause that prevents people from applying for a refund in case an artist cancels their presentation, obviously this does not apply to single acts of a group or soloist, but someone who is part of a massive festival. So for example, if someone cancels their event at the last minute in the Vive Latino or Corona Capital, The customer will not be able to access their money back.

Here is what the clause says:

By continuing with your purchase, we inform you that there may be the possibility of non-attendance of one or more of the participants (artists) of the festival, so, in such an event, there will be no refund of the tickets purchased.

The purpose of updating our purchasing policy is to inform about possible modifications to the festivals, such as cases in which, due to logistical situations beyond the control of the organization and the ticket office, the festival poster may be presented differently than the original announcement.


In the end, it is mentioned that the only way to be able to have a full refund with everything and taxes is when the event is completely canceled, so the user goes to one of these massive events and the artist he wanted to see ends up canceling his performance there will be no way to complain to them. Recently many groups have been giving up their performances, therefore refunds have been made available, but with this change they will have to think twice before purchasing tickets.

Via: Ticketmaster

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Editor’s note: In the end it is very unfair that this happens, but it is also understood that for certain canceled bands there can be a massive amount of refunds, so precautions will have to be taken when purchasing, it is a coin toss.

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