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Tier List of the best weapons and grenades in the game



In Helldivers 2, players can unlock many weapons through War Bonds to upgrade their equipment. We'll show you the best weapons, grenades and support weapons in the Tier List and reveal to you which ones you should take with you on deployment and which ones you should avoid.

Which weapons can be found in the Tier List? In this list we have listed all the primary, secondary and support weapons as well as grenades that can currently be earned in Helldivers 2. In our ranking, we compared the statistics of the individual guns and observed them in combat.

It was important to us to examine the functionality and efficiency of the weapons in order to then classify them in our tier list from class S (can be used everywhere) to C (only recommended to a limited extent). If you have a different opinion than our Tier List, feel free to leave a comment!

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Helldivers 2: The best weapons and grenades in the ranking

For a short and quick overview, we have listed all weapon names in our table and classified them into S to C tier.

stages Primary weapon Secondary weapon grenade Support weapon
Bull SG-225 breaker G-12 High Explosive Stalwart
A-Tier SG-225IE fire breaker
R-63 Diligence
AR-23P Penetration Liberator
R-63CS Sniper Diligence
AR-23 Liberator
P-19 Redeemer
P-2 Peacemaker
G-16 impact Anti-matter rifle
Automatic cannon
B tier AR-23E Explosive Liberator+
JAR-5 Dominator
SMG-37 Defender
MP-98 Knight
SG-225SP Spray&Pray Breaker
Plas-1 brazier
P-4 Senator G-6 splitter
G-10 fire
machine gun
Recoilless rifle
C-Tier SG-8 Punisher
SG-8S bat
LAS-5 Scythe
G-3 smoke One-time anti-tank

Which are the best weapons? The SG-225 Breaker is one of the best primary weapons. This shotgun has a perfect rate of fire and strong damage and can easily withstand hordes of enemies with its amount of ammunition. The Breaker can also prevail against armored enemies.

When it comes to secondary weapons, it's up to you what you want to play with. There are two pistols and a compact SMG. We recommend the P-19 or P-2 as they can deal with smaller enemies quickly and effectively. Despite its promising appearance, the “Senator” has a high reload rate and low fire rate and is only partially worth it despite its high damage.

Depending on the use, you can freely choose your grenades. As a general all-rounder, you should pack the G-12 high explosive. She quickly deals with factories or breeding grounds and can also deliver a powerful blow to armored enemies. However, if you would rather be looking for a panic grenade against many opponents, the G-16 Impact would be ideal. It explodes immediately when it hits an object or enemy.

When it comes to support weapons, you should choose three weapons:

Depending on which mission you are on, you should change your support weapon.

You should also note this: The main purpose of the Tier List is to give you a feel for the weapons so that you know roughly which gun you can't go wrong with when you put it in your pocket. You can also complete difficult missions with level C weapons, but you have to be more careful in combat and know where your rifle's strengths and weaknesses lie.

S-tier weapons are easier to use because they make quicker and better use of your enemies.

What other weapons do you see in the S tier? Let’s find out in the comments!

You can find all weapons and how you can unlock them in Helldivers 2 here.

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