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TikTok creators launch their own Instagram




Today, most of the most popular applications on the market share many elements. An example of these are reels, or shorts, or stories, or whatever you want to call the short video format. Now, It has been revealed that TikTok creators have created their own Instagram.

Recently, Bytedance, the company behind TikTok, launched Whee, an application that works the same as Instagram, but with the difference that This new social network is focused on sharing content only with friends and family, unlike Meta’s software, which allows everyone to access every possible user’s content.


While Whee is now available, the app has only been activated in digital stores in a few countries. In the case of Mexico and the United States, the Bytedance social network is not yet available. Considering all the regulations that have been made to TikTok in recent months, this could be an alternative for the Chinese company to remain present in the West.

Currently, Whee presents us with three options. The first is a camera, with its respective filters; followed by feed, which has a design identical to that of Instagram; and messages, where messages that can be shared with friends are shown, and only with those you have established in a formal relationship, so not everyone can have a conversation here.


Considering this is a soft launch, Bytedance might simply not launch Whee in our region, and is even capable of removing the application completely. We can only wait to see what will happen with this social network. On related topics, this is the most popular video game on TikTok. Likewise, the company integrates artificial intelligence into its commercials.

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Author’s Note:


It’s okay that Whee is not available in our region. There are hundreds of applications that simply do not reach our hands, and there is something wrong with that. Many of us already use Instagram, and it is almost impossible for us to leave this application to use identical software, but with fewer functions.

Via: Android Police


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