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TikTok integrates AI for advertising




Despite all the controversies he has been involved in TikTok Over the past few years, it seems like there’s always something new to talk about about the way this company runs its business. Now, a greater integration of artificial intelligence has been revealed, which aims, among other purposes, to offer dubbing of advertisements without the need to hire actors.

Through its official accounts, TikTok has revealed a new plan to integrate artificial intelligence into Symphony Creative Studio, a video generation tool available with the TikTok Symphony suite. Here brands can create custom avatars, or use a ready-made design, for their global campaigns. At par, This technology can be used to generate actors of diverse origins and nationalities.


One of the most striking sections for companies is the possibility of offering dubbing into other languages. Currently, only 10 options are available, including Spanish, English, Japanese, French, and Korean, among others, but more languages ​​are expected to be available in the future. In this case, Symphony AI Dubbing is responsible for automatically detecting the language spoken in the videos and is also capable of transcribingtranslate and produce a whole new video dubbed depending on the user.

This aggressive implementation of artificial intelligence arises shortly after it became known that 61% of TikTok users buy items that were advertised directly on this platform. In this way, the company expects that these new advertising options will substantially increase the number of purchases internationally.


However, as expected, not everyone is in favor of this tool. Let us remember that the Hollywood’s most recent strike had to do with the increase in artificial intelligence to replace actors, and this is something that is already happening on TikTok. We just have to see what will happen in the future. In related matters, TikTok has sued the United States government. Likewise, this is the most popular game on this platform.

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This is horrible, and I hope this is regulated soon. While it’s true that dubbing tools can help more content reach more people, these are ads that don’t have a single ounce of talent, so they become noise, but now in different languages.

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