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To prepare you for the Elden Ring DLC, one player follows in the footsteps of a community legend



In order to start the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of The Erdtree, a certain optional boss must be defeated. To help players do this, a new hero has been created, inspired by the community legend Let me alone was inspired.

In order to start the new Elden Ring DLC, you have to earn it, as is typical for Souls. To do this, you have to defeat the optional boss Mohg. But not many players seem to have done that yet, at least if you look at the Steam achievements for the game.

Accordingly, many players will currently be fighting against the Blood Lord. If you have problems with the bosses, you can get help in the game itself. Apparently there is a new hero who wants to help players get into the DLC: Let me comet him

Many bosses await you again in the Elden Ring DLC:

Elden Ring introduces the boss enemies of the DLC

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A new player against Mohg

As PC Gamer describes, there are currently many players who want to be summoned to help against Mohg. According to PC Gamer, a mage build that uses the Azure Comet spell is good for this. This is also built in the best mage build.

The spell is considered one of the best in the game because of its beam’s ability to cause incredible amounts of damage in boss fights. In keeping with this, @EldenringAlerts posted a picture of a summoned player on X with the name Let me comet him.

This is a clear nod to community legend Let me solo her, who was known for fighting probably the hardest boss in the game, Malenia, with only a pot on his head and a katana, helping many players.

Let me solo her has now announced that she will be breaking away from Malenia and taking on new tasks and challenges in the DLC.

Due to the legendary status of Let me solo, there will definitely be many helpful players in the DLC who want to help players with the DLC bosses. Tomorrow is the day and you can face the dangers in the new area. Until then, MeinMMO editor Christos Tsogos gives you a little taste of the bosses that await you: The bosses in the Elden Ring DLC ​​should not be any harder than in the main game – but that was a blatant lie

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