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Totalplay packages increase in price




Internet and television services in Mexico have faced an increase in supplies, something that has been reflected in an increase in the price of their packages. This is the case of Totalplay, which, for the second year in a row, has revealed that its packages now cost more.

Through an email that has reached users, Totalplay has revealed that starting this June, the prices of its various packages will increase. This will apply as soon as the next payment cut reaches the accounts of all those who due to this. This is how the new prices will look:

  • 60 Megas TV + Internet at $615 pesos.
  • 125 Megas TV + Internet at $699 pesos.
  • 250 Megas TV + Internet at $809 pesos.
  • 500 Megas TV + Internet at $959 pesos.
  • 1000 Megas TV + Internet at $1,599 pesos

As we already mentioned, This is the second consecutive time this has happened.. A similar price increase was also announced in June 2023, and the idea that this will happen sometime in 2025 is not completely ruled out. On related topics, the internet in Mexico will increase. Likewise, Telmex increases the speed of its internet.

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Author’s Note:

It’s a shame that this kind of thing keeps happening. While the price increase is natural, this should be something abnormal, and not something that users expect annually. This will only affect consumers, who could leave Totalplay completely in the future.


Via: Totalplay


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