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Toyota makes its own Miraidon motorcycle




Although it was initially a focus of controversy, the games of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet They have built a reputation that is gradually being replenished, this is precisely due to the implementation of some updates, as well as the arrival of DLC to complement what was missing. And of course, during the entire journey there would be no shortage of official merchandise, this with an interesting project that is related to the world of the two-wheeled transportation industry.

A sketch has recently been shared by toyotawhich is called project Miraidon and focuses on recreating the motorcycle shape that we saw of this Pokémon in the aforementioned games, something that may not be an easy task to achieve. However, the collaboration of The Pokémon Company is already on the table, so they have gotten to work to create said machine.

Here you can see it:

Toyota Engineering Society Challenge, this is the idea.

Here are more images of what the motorcycle looks like:

Miraidon Moto Toyota2

Miraidon Moto Toyota

Miraidon Moto Toyota3

It looks like something die-hard fans of the franchise will want to have in their garage. However, the market launch date for it and also whether it will have some type of distribution outside of Japanese lands has not yet been confirmed.

Remember that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are available in nintendo switch.

Via: Twitter

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Editor's note: This bike definitely looks very cool, but I can't imagine how much it will cost, if the normal ones are quite expensive, it is possible that it will be more than double the price because it is a limited edition. Hopefully they will later release a video of the machine in operation.

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