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Trainer shows how easily you can defeat Mega Despotar with two people



You can currently challenge Mega Despotar in Pokémon GO. How the raid is easier to beat than most trainers think.

What kind of raid is this? You can meet Mega Despotar in mega raids until Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. This is the mega evolution of Despotar. The Pokémon from the 2nd generation of games is one of the strongest attackers in Pokémon GO and can be used as both a dark and rock attacker with the right attacks.

Many trainers believe that these mega raids require a large number of trainers with optimal Pokémon. But as a trainer reports on Reddit, the raid can be conquered even by two people. And that without a perfect team and trainers at level 50.

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Use Mega Despotar's double weakness to your advantage

What does the trainer report? As one of the 2 trainers explains in his Reddit post, the two of them defeated 2 Mega Despotars together. And they neither have the strongest Pokémon nor are they even level 40. The trainer writes:

Together with a friend and team play, we defeated it twice, and we are only LvI 39 and LvI 35. And we don't have the best fighters like Lucario or Terrakion, a bunch of Machomei and Hariyama with max 2600 WP did the job .

How to defeat Mega Despotar? So you don't need many trainers with the perfect Pokémon to defeat this raid. Other trainers have also said that most raids are much easier than many trainers think.

In order to defeat Mega Despotar, it is sufficient if there are two of you and you use some of the best counterattacks against Mega Despotar. Even if they are not at the maximum level and take the first places of the best counterattacks. And you don't even need level 40 for that.

Since Mega Despotar has the Dark and Rock types and both are weak against Fighting Pokémon, you should make sure to take Fighting Pokémon with you. Machomei and Hariyama are good and strong Pokémon for this, which are also easier to get and level up than, for example, Lucario or Terrakion.

What does the community say about this? Many commenters from the community agree with the trainer and talk about their experiences with Mega-Despotar.

  • Me (lvl 34) and my friend (34) did it together easilywrites a trainer on Reddit
  • My friend and I did this recently as a duo, it was greatreads another comment
  • I did two on my own today. Mega-Lohgock & Terrakion were very good, but respect also goes to Crypto-Mahomei & Meistagrifwrites another trainer on Reddit
  • Team Play + Machomei, bonus if you also have some Fighting Mega Pokémon. I usually finish it with a lot of time left with my two accounts at level 39says another trainer

What do you say to that? What combinations of Pokémon and trainers have you used to defeat Mega Despotar so far? Feel free to write us your experiences in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers. If you want to know what events are still coming up in Pokémon GO in March 2024, you will find them here.

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