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Trainers are demanding an important feature that will solve a long-standing arena problem



In Pokémon GO, your monsters diligently defend arenas to collect coins for you. But trainers have been calling for an important change here for years. We have summarized for you here on MeinMMO which idea for a new feature a player has and how the community reacts to it.

Which monsters are we talking about? In Pokémon GO, your monsters can not only be useful in raids or the GO battle league, but you can also collect important PokéCoins for the mobile game. To do this, you can place them in arenas of your team color to protect them from attackers from other teams. If they are defeated, you get coins.

But the arenas are not always actually attacked by trainers of other team colors and your monsters languish in these arenas for weeks or even months. During this time, however, they cannot be used for other purposes, which always leads to frustration for the respective players. Now a Reddit user is calling for a new feature that should put an end to this problem.

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New item is intended to bring Pokémon back

What should change in the arenas? So far, Pokémon GO players have no way of getting their monsters back from the arenas on their own. For this reason, they have been demanding a corresponding solution for years.

The Reddit user CombProfessional434 has also thought about this and developed an idea for a new item that should lure the Pokémon back: the PokéFlute.

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What is the PokéFlute supposed to be? As Reddit user CombProfessional434 explains in his post, a so-called PokéFlute should finally help with the arena problem. The item was already introduced in the main Pokémon games Red and Blue and was used there to awaken sleeping Pokémon in battle.

However, according to CombProfessional434, it will have a different use in Pokémon GO. Accordingly, players should have the opportunity to purchase this item and then use it if they urgently want a monster back from an arena.

This is how he writes: A “PokéFlute” would be a great item idea if you want to retrieve Pokémon from gyms. (…) This would really help players who have had their Pokémon stuck in a gym for a while and just want them back.

Coaches suspect: The flute would be super expensive

Coaches are skeptical: The suggestion is met with mixed feelings in the Reddit community. Many players believe that a solution to the problem is long overdue, but not all of them find a new item ideal. They suspect that Niantic will not provide a free version when introducing such an item, but will instead offer it in the shop for coins.

This could then no longer be in proportion to what a monster brings back in terms of coins from an arena. For this reason, they still want other solutions to get their Pokémon back independently, as you can read in the Reddit comments.

  • Rhodin265: I bet the flute would be super expensive if they added it.
  • FromansSausage: We know they're going to release this now. For a low price of 60 coins.
  • StarTheAngel: They could update the game so that if the Pokemon are not fed, they will eventually faint and automatically return to you.
  • SwimminginMercury: The game 100% needs a way to bring back Pokemon that are 'trapped' in Gyms, if only so that people don't have to wonder if a Gym is 'active enough' to put a Pokemon in it. This helps the areas to have an active effect. I live in a suburb and there are (more and more) arenas that you don't put Pokemon in because they don't come back for another week.

Would implementation even be conceivable? The coins are one of the most important features in Pokémon GO because you can use them to buy coveted items and expansions in the shop. If you don't have the coins, you can top them up with real money, which in turn brings Niantic revenue.

For this reason, it is unlikely that the developers will introduce a free feature that will bring back your monsters without losing any coins. Most players would then take advantage of this and secure their maximum coins every day.

Reddit user drnuzlocke also believes this, writing the following in the comments: The only way to take Pokémon out of Gyms is to lose all the coins they would have earned. Otherwise, people would abuse it to constantly earn coins in Gyms by taking their Pokemon out and putting them back in. There's definitely some ratio to a mechanic, but there's always concern about selfish players ruining it for the public.

It remains to be seen whether Niantic will soon fulfill the wishes of many players and incorporate a corresponding feature into Pokémon GO. If there is new information about this, you can find out here on MeinMMO.

What do you think of the PokéFlute idea? Would you like to see a feature for retrieving your monsters? Or are you satisfied with the current concept? Please let us know in the comments.

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