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Trymacs is angry because German Twitch streamers are all making a mistake



In a reaction video, the German Twitch streamer Trymacs criticized a common mistake that many streamers make: the clumsiness of German Twitch streamers makes him seethe.

What was Trymacs upset about? A few months ago, Trymacs criticized another significant mistake among streamers. He expressed his outrage that some streamers forget that they also have to pay taxes on their income and threatened to freak out if they made this mistake.

Although the current mistake isn't as serious as forgetting to set aside money for taxes, the blunder leaves the streamer fuming.

In a recently released video from Satter Hugo, Trymacs reacted to a scene that was shown right at the beginning. It showed well-known streamer Papaplatte accidentally tipping over a glass filled with water on his desk.

After a moment of bewilderment, Papaplatte commented on what had happened: “Brother, that’s stupid. I just wanted to put my camera at the bottom right for a moment, now I have water on my keyboard.” He then lifted his keyboard in front of the camera, tilted it slightly to the side and you could clearly see water dripping out.

Trymacs commented on the excerpt: “How can this even happen? Hey, every tenth video is somehow like an energy drink or water or something – who has open drinks at work? I have water here too.” As a counterexample, he presented a sealed water bottle that was safely placed next to him.

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“Glasses at work?!”

What does Trymacs say about the next examples? Another example that concerned the pedantic Alman in Trymacs was a clip of Papaplatte getting upset about another situation. Papaplatte stood up and accidentally knocked his glass off the desk. That fell apart.

Trymacs, shocked by this negligence, asked in horror: “Glasses in the workplace?”

Next, a clip from HoneyPuu was shown in the video, which further reinforced Trymacs' concerns. In the scene, HoneyPuu had placed a coffee cup directly in front of her on the desk, right in the middle between her elbows and very close to the edge of the table. When she tried to scratch her arm, she accidentally knocked over the cup, but she was able to catch it just in time.

Still, all the coffee spilled all over her desk, prompting Trymacs to comment in horror, “That’s so blatant, that drink! Where is the lid? Where is the shutter? How can you put that there?”.

His horror increased as he watched the clip again. The streamer commented loudly: “I take this really personally. Look how much coffee is in the air. How did she manage to get the entire contents of the cup to float above the cup? So everything is still okay. But gravity is about to come along and smear all the shit all over the chair, table, mouse pad, keyboard, mouse, probably something in your hair, onto your T-shirt. You can clean for an hour and a half and you'll never get it as clean as it was before.”

When HoneyPuu held her keyboard up to the camera and the coffee spilled out of it, Trymacs predicted that the device would be a total loss due to the moisture and possible mold growth.

“Everyone’s in a bad mood.”

However, which clip surprised Trymacs? It seemed as if Satter Hugo had already anticipated how Trymacs would react to the clips shown. After the impressive scenes, Hugo included a clip from Trymacs in which he commented: “Why does Hugo edit that in, everyone is in a bad mood.”

Trymacs couldn't help but laugh and confessed, “Shit, how did he know that? Yes, that's right. It starts with two keyboards running out, I'm immediately in a bad mood! He knows me, he knew it too well”.

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