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Twitch looks bad with new revelations about DrDisrespect’s ban



In 2020, Twitch streamer DrDisrespect was banned. Now, in June 2024, the reason is said to be known. The streamer, now 42, sent sexually explicit messages to a minor at the time. But the situation is confusing, says YouTuber Charles White.

These are the allegations:

  • A high-ranking former Twitch employee has dropped the bombshell: DrDisrespect was banned at the time because he wrote “sexual messages” (sexting) to a minor via Twitch’s Whisper system and wanted to meet her at TwitchCon.
  • Twitch employees saw this and banned DrDisrespect.
  • So it was not Twitch’s fault.

DrDisrespect was a celebrity on Twitch – his ban remains a big secret to this day

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Source had a central position at Twitch

Who is the source: Cody Conners was Twitch’s Strategic Partnership Account Director, a key role in which he oversaw the parameters of how Twitch employees serve the biggest streamers.


2 well-known people confirm the accusation

Is this credible? During the discussion, two people who have some weight in the scene spoke up:

  • Nathan Greyson was the Twitch expert for Kotaku at the time (and the trigger for the GamerGate scandal): Greyson says he was told this multiple times by different sources. He says he heard the same story about DrDisrespect at least 4 times. But Greyson says everyone he spoke to had “just heard” the story, and no one could substantiate it.
  • Rod Breslau, an e-sports journalist and insider known “as” Slasher, had already commented on the ban in 2020 and said he had more information. However, it was a “delicate matter” and he did not feel comfortable sharing it. He was accused of boasting at the time. Now he feels vindicated.
This is Rod Breslau, a well-known industry insider/leaker.

Twitch bosses too conspired to tell the story

Then why didn’t they tell us? Greyson shares a post from a colleague who says:

  • A journalist needs several sources to confirm such a story.
  • The decision-makers at Twitch are apparently only a small group and are closely connected. None of them wanted to divulge internal information – because then it would immediately be clear who the internal information came from.
  • In addition, it is difficult to find anyone on Twitch who knows such information.

This probably means that, although some well-informed journalists had heard the rumor, they had not been able to get to the bottom of the story.

DrDisrespect refers to legal agreement that binds him

How does DrDisrespect react? He has already commented on the allegations twice. He says he is under NDA and is not allowed to say anything. However, he points to an agreement with Twitch according to which there was no “misconduct” and he was paid his full contract.


Nothing illegal happened.

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Expert sees many inconsistencies in the current discussion

That’s what an expert says. One of the biggest opinion bloggers on the web, Charles White, explains why this is all so puzzling:

  • If DrDisrespect really did send sexual messages to a minor, Twitch should have reported it and passed it on to the authorities. Twitch is obliged to ensure the safety of children on Twitch. This casts a very bad light on Twitch.
  • He thinks it’s normal that Twitch apparently simply reads streamers’ private messages – that’s the reality.
  • He considers DrDisrespect’s statements to be “legal nonsense” – he does not understand how DrDisrespect can be so bound that he cannot simply say: He has not exchanged such messages with any minor.
He is the leading opinion blogger in the USA.

According to White, the discussion now raises many questions again. He believes that either there will be a resolution soon or that the incident will remain unexplained for years to come.

Twitch streamer Asmongold says the story that DrDisrespect molested a minor is not something that can be resolved through mediation.

He believes it is perhaps possible that the minor was not cooperative for whatever reason and so nothing happened.


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Did DrDisrespect make MontanaBlack?

What would be a possibility? Which is a possibility that both are true. DrDisrespect may have sent sexual messages to a 16-year-old, which is socially frowned upon but not illegal in the legal sense.

Because the age of consent in 31 US states is 16 – not 18.


A few weeks ago we saw a very similar case, albeit without legal consequences, involving one of Germany’s biggest Twitch streamers: a 21-year-old tells how MontanaBlack stole his 17-year-old girlfriend.

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