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Twitch receives significant fine in South Korea




For a few months it was said that Twitch would be ceasing to be part of South Korea, given that it is not profitable to maintain the servers for streams due to the expenses involved, even with content creators who provide many visits. And now that the corresponding deadline has passed, it seems that the bad news continues, at least for the company that is just leaving the region where the Esports predominate in the part of the MOBA online.

According to what was reported, the company owned by amazon received a fine of $300,000 USD of the control body South Korean Telecommunications (KCC). This draws quite a bit of attention, since they stopped having operations in a section of the world. And in fact, the sanction was because they suspended the service, reporting that it was a violation of the country's business legislation, since some users were financially dependent on the service with donations and subscriptions.

Among the first attempts to lower costs, it was decided to change the quality of VODS from 1080p to 720p, this in the month of September 2022, something that in the end did not work, given that the losses remained constant. To that was added an additional fine of $10,000 USD additional charges for not preventing the distribution of illegal sequences, there was even a protest by streamers broadcasting quite explicit adult content.

For South Korean streamers, the withdrawal of Twitch represents a significant turn in your career and a potential loss of income and growth opportunities. Many have expressed uncertainty about where they will take their streams now that the platform has left the country, and some have begun to explore alternatives such as YouTube Gaming and AfreecaTV.

The withdrawal of Twitch from South Korea marks a significant change in the live streaming landscape in the region and leaves South Korean streamers and viewers wondering what the future holds. With competition in the live streaming space increasing, it remains to be seen how the market will evolve and which platform will emerge as a leader in the online gaming and entertainment scene.

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Editor's note: It is sad that several creators have been left without a platform on which to broadcast. However, YouTube in streams has grown very well, so that could be the option in terms of moving.

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