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Twitch streamer ends his relationship to focus on his career in League of Legends



Twitch streamer Dantes mainly shows League of Legends and is completely dedicated to the grind. He even sacrificed his relationship for it.

What kind of streamer is this? Dantes alias Doaenel is one of the biggest League of Legends streamers on Twitch. His channel is regularly among the 20 most viewed in the game, reaching an average of 2,000 to 3,000 viewers (via SullyGnome).

Dantes is known for his dedication to the grind: he streams an average of 6 times a week for 8.5 hours each (via TwitchTracker). In August 2023, he attracted attention when he streamed 194 hours in just 10 days and reached Challenger rank on the notoriously tough South Korean servers.

Now his relationship has apparently fallen victim to this devotion.

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Streamer says he is not ready for a relationship

What is the separation all about? In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Dantes announced the end of his relationship with Twitch streamer Laura “Laurinchhhe.” The streamer explained that he was simply not ready for a relationship.

Dantes said he told his partner from the start that his career was his top priority. She also supported him in everything and was “everything (he) ever wanted.” However, relationships are about compromise.

The streamer explains that it took a toll on him mentally to see his girlfriend put her own life and career on hold to support him while he couldn’t do the same for her.

“I came to the realization that the foundation of what relationships are was not something I could/wanted to do and therefore made the decision to end things.”

The post was seen by more than 73 million users. In the comments, many cannot understand why someone would give up their relationship for a video game.

Ex-girlfriend cries on stream

On the same day, Laurinchhhe appeared distraught in a stream on her Twitch channel. In tears, she talks about how she experienced the separation. Fortunately, says the streamer, they were just visiting Berlin, where her family lives. However, her things are still with Dantes in Canada.

She is currently trying to organize her move. Since then, Laurinchhhe has not been live. Dantes, on the other hand, is already back on Twitch and in the LoL grind.

Even if it is extreme in this case, some gamers may have already experienced that excessive gaming has a negative effect on romantic relationships. In other cases, however, League of Legends can also bring people together and gaming together can strengthen the relationship. Twitch streamer tells how her boyfriend won her heart: “He carried me into LoL”

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