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Twitch's golden boy is criticized for corrupting young viewers



22-year-old Nicholas “Jynxzi” Stewart is the new star on Twitch: He built a huge channel with Rainbow Six Siege within a year and seemed like he could do no wrong. At the Streamer Awards he won awards for Gamer and Newcomer of the Year. Now he has incurred the anger of the community. He is accused of corrupting his young fans.

Who is this?

Jynxzi dominates Rainbow Six Siege on Twitch – like no other streamer can in a game:

Rainbow Six: Siege launch trailer

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Stream with Adult model Breckie Hill is criticized

What has he done?? Jynxzi is accused of promoting Breckie Hill, an “adult model.”

In the scene that caused a stir, Jynxzi was sitting shirtless in a gaming chair while the lady rubbed him with oil. The scene comes from an almost 3-hour stream that can still be seen on YouTube.

jyxnzi twitch

The hateful influencer Keemstar was immediately active with his DramaAlert and attacked the streamer Twitter proposes to “promote fans-only content to a fan base made up of children.”

The influencer Breckie Hill (20) has 1.9 million followers on Instagram and is on the platform OnlyFans with 674,500 Likes active. Sexually charged content is distributed on the payment platform.

How is this discussed? This is being discussed very critically. It says in comments:

  • “I liked Jynxzi, but he literally sold out and changed his entire look for an LA girl who's all about quick internet fame. The guy is just sad.”
  • Another calls him a “sellout clown”

Keemstar's statement that he is primarily targeting children with this “sexy advertisement” for an adult site seems to outrage many.

Here is the scene in the YouTube video that annoys Keemstar so much:

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Who is defending him? The people who defend him say: His content is not aimed at children and he uses far too many swear words.

Parents are responsible for what children see, not streamers.

This is what lies behind it: It should be clear: Keemstar is not a nice person who cares about the well-being of “Young Viewers.”

Jynxzi is not “advertising Onlyfans”, but is probably in a relationship with Breckie Hill and the two stream together. To what extent this is “real” or to what extent the two of them use it for content is difficult to say with such publicly flaunted influencer partnerships.

The connection between gaming streamer and “beauty influencer” has been seen again and again in the past, for example with Tfue/Corinna Kopf or Asmongold/Pink Sparkles. And in fact, this is always viewed with skepticism by parasocial fans who worry about “their streamer”.

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