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Two thirds of the population want to go to the cinema



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Since the pandemic, watching movies in the cinema stopped being a priority for many people, especially considering that the most acclaimed films of the year will eventually be available on streaming services. streaming. In this way, a new study has revealed that two-thirds of the public prefers to wait to watch a film in the comfort of their home, before going to a traditional theater.

According to a new report by HarrisX, only 34% of the adult population in the United States wants to see movies in the cinema. The rest prefer to wait for a film to reach platforms like Netflix, Max or Prime Video. This is what Alli Brady, vice president of HarrisX, commented on the matter:


“Competition continues between streaming services and the Hollywood engine. While we still see evidence of loyal moviegoers in recent box office figures, our study shows that 2 in 3 moviegoers prefer to stream movies at home. Although this causes some upheaval in the industry, it also means that the demand for content is only increasing; Nearly half of consumers say they watch movies weekly, more than seven times more than those who do so in theaters.”

The research has also revealed that 30% of respondents watch two or more streaming movies a week, while the same percentage mentioned watching a movie at the cinema a couple of times a year. However, all is not lost, since 59% of the public chooses to go to the cinema thanks to the experience provided by seeing a certain work on the big screen. Another interesting fact is the fact that 39% use the cinema as an outlet from distractions at home.

There are multiple factors that attract the public's attention to go to the movies, such as IMAX technology, nostalgia, watching a movie in the company of others, and more. However, none of these points were mentioned by more than 30% of respondentsmaking it clear that all this is not attractive to those who want to watch a movie in the comfort of their homes.


On the other end of the spectrum we find everyone who loves streaming services, and 53% of those surveyed prefer to wait for movies to arrive on streaming services citing the cost of movie tickets as a major reason. 40% of respondents cited the “convenience of watching at home versus a movie theater” as a reason to wait.

For their part, 24% said they are simply “not interested.” With this, “Sanitation and hygiene concerns” such as COVID and flu keep 23% of respondents away. Another element mentioned is the duration of the movies, since 52% mentioned that the movies should last between 1:30 and 2 hours.


There are multiple factors that make it clear that audiences want to watch movies at home. With the exception of big events, like a Marvel movie, Barbie, Oppenheimer either Dune 2, There are not many films that encourage the public to go to movie theaters.. Even when we see quality works that represent the best of this form of art and entertainment, such as Anatomy of a Fall and The Zone of Interesteventually these productions reach streaming platforms.

The public is aware of this, and They prefer to wait a couple of months to see a certain work in the comfort of their homes instead of going out.. On related topics, The Batman 2 is delayed until 2026. Likewise, this is the pigeonhole of Kung Fu Panda 4.


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Editor's Note:

It's a shame that people don't go to the movies as much anymore, but it's natural. Strangely enough, sometimes what motivates the public to go to the movies is not the movie itself, but the fear of missing out on a big, important event, such as Marvel movies.


Via: Indie Wire


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