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Today, society has streaming as its main entertainment service, with several options to choose from such as Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Star Plus, Crunchyroll, among others that distribute programs that have caught the attention of people around the world. For their part, there are those who want to provide a somewhat more different option, and to preserve the best of classic cinema, and now, the UNAM has a project that will surely please those who want to investigate more about the history of films in the country.

That's where the free streaming service comes from. General Directorate of Cinematographic Activities and Film Archive of the UNAM, since everyone can access its page to find a generous catalog of material that cannot be found easily. Thus being an optimal form of preservation, especially for future creatives in the world of cinema who are looking for their roots, in order to be influenced by all types of material so as not to follow the current path of monotonous comedies.

Here is some of the work offered: Tours through Mexico, Looks at Mexican Cinema, Programs on Hygiene and Public Health in Mexico, Reading Cinema, Social Movements in Mexico, Cinema in the Mexican Revolution, Testimonies of the History of Mexico, Mexican Painting, Mexico Naturally, Silent Cinema (silent ), Bullfighting, Lustros: Life in Mexico in the 20th Century.

As mentioned, the platform is completely free, and to access you just have to enter the website. UNAM Film Archiveand then click on the programming section, from which another menu will be displayed and once there, select Online Cinema. Once this is done, the user will be able to enter the corresponding section, thus having the opportunity to enjoy the film library that will be updated as the project takes its course.

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Editor's note: It will be a good option for those who like to explore cult cinema, get away from the commercial a little for people who are looking to become directors and don't want to follow the path that everyone else takes. Perhaps with this in mind, Mexican cinema can improve with new generations.

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