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Unreleased trailer for Mina The Hollower arrives




Two years ago it was announced Mina The Hollower by Yatch Club Games, a title with a different approach to the platformers that we already know from this company, thus moving on to an adventure style Zelda: Link’s Awakening which the fans liked at first sight. However, during that period they remained in total silence, which fortunately ended today in a new presentation where there were many announcements of what is to come in relation to the developer.

One of the videos that was released was a new trailer for himself Mina The Hollower, appreciating that it will be an adventure in isometric view where we will see this mouse character, who will have many tricks up his sleeve, and will face challenges such as complex puzzles and giant bosses. Added to this are 8-bit style cinematics that are quite popular, and movements that clearly resemble those of the saga. Zelda in GameBoy.

Here are some of the game data:

Mina the Hollower is an action-adventure video game developed by Yacht Club Games, the same studio behind the successful “Shovel Knight.” The game was announced in 2022 and features a retro style inspired by games from the Game Boy Color era, combining pixel art graphics with modern gameplay.

Since its announcement, it has generated positive expectations due to the previous success of Yacht Club Games and the quality of its initial presentation. The combination of classic elements with modern innovations has captured the attention of fans of retro and adventure games.

It promises to be a standout addition to the action-adventure genre, offering a nostalgic yet fresh experience, thanks to its unique mechanics and detailed art design. With the support of a renowned studio and the enthusiasm of the gaming community, it is one of the most anticipated titles for fans of independent and retro games.

For now there is no release date or confirmed output platforms.

Via: Youtube

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Author’s note: It will definitely be a very fun game to try, especially on a portable console, so the Switch will be the clear choice when purchasing. However, there is no date, so we will have to wait for more progress.

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