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User uses only his mind to play chess on PC




Technology today has made significant advances, because now with just touching a few screens, users have access to work and entertainment functions such as playing video games or playing their favorite platform content by just touching the device without any type of device. of keys. That brings us to the company. Neuralink of Elon Muskwhich is betting on experimenting with chips in people so that they can do tasks on the computer without touching anything with their hands.

A video has been shared where the patient, the now paraplegic Noland Arbaugh, 29 years old, has been able to play a game of chess just by using his mind to control the cursor and not having any problems along the way. Noland was left in that state due to complications with a diving session he had, which would lead him to have problems walking, even using his hands.

Here you can see it:

Elon Musk toannounced a month ago that the first person The chip was implanted and he said at that time that Arbaugh He was able to move a mouse across the screen just by thinking. Adding that progress is good and the patient appears to have fully recovered, with neural effects of which they are aware. The technology of Neuralink uses a robot to surgically place a brain-computer interface implant in a region of the brain that controls the intention to move.

Arbaugh He suffered his fatal injury while working at a children's camp in Texas in 2016 and said he has absolutely no feeling below his shoulders. Noland is confined to a bulky electric wheelchair that he must carry with him wherever he goes. He added that playing chess was one of his favorite activities, which is why it was the perfect option to make the power of the chip effective, having the result seen in said video.

It has no intention of becoming commercial yet, only for use by people who need it.

Via: Daily Mail

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Editor's note: It is a promising technology, although it may need a few more to be robust enough to be used in many hospitals around the world. Even so, it is a great advance that few companies have managed to carry out in hospitals.

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