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Users are upset with Xbox due to loss of exclusives




Yesterday has been quite important in the gaming industry, since many media began to talk about an alleged decision that Xbox It will take in the months to come, and that is having to remove exclusivity from some of its games to make ports on other consoles. The news that gained the most strength was that of starfielda game that will supposedly arrive soon on PlayStation 5, this was followed by comments like that of HiFi Rush and until the new Indiana Jones which is not yet on sale.

Since the information has spread on the networks, Microsoft has not come out to confirm or deny anything on the subject, which makes the company's fans worry, because at any moment a video could be released in which they give the news regarding these games. While this is happening, some are already coming forward to attack the company, mentioning that it makes no sense to release their video games to others, when Nintendo and PlayStation They are the first to make it clear that theirs do not reach more consoles.

Within social networks like X, you can see the anger and disappointment of the fans, some mentioning that if the news is confirmed they will sell their Xbox Series X/S or also that this company has become SEGA, hinting that they could stop launching consoles to dedicate themselves only to software production. Some even say that they will stop being part of the gaming community Microsoft If this plan to remove the exclusives is carried out, something they say is very serious.

Here are some screenshots:

Xbox Reactions Exclusive Players Ps5 Starfield Indiana Jones 8

Img 0043

Xbox Reactions Exclusive Players Ps5 Starfield Indiana Jones

Xbox Reactions Exclusive Players Ps5 Starfield Indiana Jones 6

It is worth clarifying that Xbox has not yet come out to give statements about the launches of these games on other platforms, so it is not agreed that Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield and Sea of ​​Thieves They will end up landing on more devices, since the clues are not entirely clear. In fact, it is mentioned that the rhythm game of Tango Game Works It would be released in the next few months, so if they are going to make the announcement it should be as soon as a NintendoDirectotherwise all this has remained rumors.

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Editor's note: I feel like they are rushing too much, especially because nothing is confirmed yet and they are already lighting the torches. It's a little strange that at the beginning they said that Bethesda games would be exclusive and then they backtracked, so we'll have to keep an eye on updates.

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