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Users play PS4 in the middle of the flood



The world of video games is definitely one of the most famous hobbies on the planet, so much so that in almost every home there is a console or computer with the ability to run games, either having a few titles in the collection or even having a use to be able to play games. watch streaming. In fact, there are people who when they want to take their break after work or school, nothing stops them from taking control and testing their device, this leads us to a case that has gone viral on the internet. A video has been shared on the Twitter platform in which we see how a house is flooding as a result of the heavy rains, to the point that the inhabitants of the house literally have the water covering their feet because of how much it has been. accumulated inside. This is nothing new, but what really draws attention is the fact that they are cooking some dishes and at the same time other people are calmly playing FIFA on PS4, instead of trying to remove the liquid from the house. Here you can see it: “Storm” Because these friends didn't mind having water up to their ankles and they still started playing Play while someone else cooked Milanese. — Trends in Argentina (@ PorqueTTarg) March 20, 2024 Many people have reacted to the video, some comment that in theory there is nothing wrong with them playing while the storm is breaking out, some more say that they should not taking things so calmly and the most sensible to a certain extent, they mention that it would be better to turn off the console and TV as there could be an electrical accident. For their part, some do not understand how the device can be connected without presenting some type of failure for obvious reasons that involve a leak in the roof. Here are some points about why games have become a hobby for many: – Fun and entertainment: Video games offer a unique interactive experience that can be tremendously fun and entertaining. The games are designed to be exciting, challenging and engaging, allowing players to immerse themselves in fascinating virtual worlds and escape reality for a while. – Variety and options: There is a wide range of video game genres to satisfy the different tastes and interests of players. From action and adventure games to puzzles, simulators, role-playing games and sports, there is something for everyone. This variety allows players to explore different types of experiences and find games that suit their personal preferences. No events have been reported after these events, but the video soon went viral throughout Latin America. Via: Twitter
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Editor's note: If that happened to me, I'd better unplug things and put them in a safe place before something unfortunate happens. Later, I think I would see a way to have a type of drainage made so that this type of thing does not happen again.The post Users play PS4 in the middle of a flood first appeared on Atomix.

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