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Viewers want Twitch streamer NoWay to miss his flight to rank in LoL



NoWay, the biggest League of Legends Twitch streamer in Germany, was close to reaching the Challenger rank. And his chat tried to make him miss his flight because of it.

Why should NoWay miss his flight? The Twitch streamer NoWay was in Mexico until recently. The biggest German “League of Legends” streamer was also streaming on the day of his departure. In the YouTube video, he emphasized several times that he had to stop streaming on time, otherwise he would risk missing his flight.

But his chat had other plans and tried to make him miss his flight on purpose because of his win streak and the fact that he was close to reaching Challenger, the highest rank in LoL, on the North American servers.

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I could push the bed in front of the door

What does NoWay say about the situation? The streamer emphasized in the YouTube video of the stream that he could not miss his flight under any circumstances. His friend and fellow streamer Karni then burst into his room and scolded the viewers for not putting any crazy ideas into NoWay’s head. Karni said that he would not stay “a damn day longer in this Airbnb.” On the other side, there was an “air-conditioned hotel with a gym and breakfast.”

He jokingly threatened his friend that he would pull the plug if he had to – he didn’t know of any such thing. NoWay then thought together with his viewers about what he could do to intentionally miss his flight. He jokingly put forward the idea that it would probably make the most sense to “just put the bed in front of the door” so that no one could get in.

Did he reach Challenger rank in this stream? In this stream on Twitch, NoWay was unable to reach the rank. What is particularly annoying here is that NoWay was only 73 points away from the Challenger. According to his own statement, he could have at least made it into the top 300 on the North American servers through the last game. However, his loss in the last game prevented him from doing so.

NoWay is the biggest LoL streamer in Germany and stands out for his high skill, as his rank in League of Legends shows. He recently created a tier list of all German streamers in his stream and sorted them by gaming skill. You can read why this led to an argument after just 10 minutes here: NoWay creates a tier list of all German Twitch streamers by gaming skill – after 10 minutes he argues with everyone about one streamer

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