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Visions of Mana would come to Nintendo Switch 2




We are in a transition stage for the company that owns Mario, since a couple of weeks ago they revealed that the new console is already in development and will be revealed at some point in the fiscal year, although beyond that there is not much information about the console. which we can talk about. But while nintendo switch 2 does not reach the stores, the rumors are going to emerge like a source of water week after week and now there is talk of another game that will arrive on the device.

Through social networks, there has been talk about the console titles and suddenly things related to them came to light. Visions of Mana, a game announced for previous generation consoles as well as current ones. But what has stood out is the fact that it was not announced for switchimplying that the successor will be the one chosen to run the new production of square enix. Even a network leaker has confirmed that this is a fact.


This is the description of the game Steam:


A new adventure begins in Visions of Mana. The first main title in the Mana saga in more than fifteen years is here!

Immerse yourself in the vivid graphics of this beautiful world, where the forces of nature intertwine with the elemental spirits of Mana to create a wide variety of environments. Travel to all kinds of enchanting places with very smooth transitions, taking advantage of a semi-open world system yet to be explored. Get ready for combat that is as exciting as it is agile, with the most complex actions. Harness the magic of elemental spirits to explore this vast three-dimensional world to your heart’s content!

In Tianea, the village of fire, people prepare to celebrate the arrival of the fairy and the naming of her votive offering. Every four years, votive offerings from around the world must make a pilgrimage to the Mana Tree to reinvigorate the Mana channel. This entourage is accompanied by a guardian of souls, who will be in charge of protecting them during the trip. Val, our protagonist, is the one chosen to carry out this task.


Regarding the release date of Visions of Manawill arrive August 29 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. And if it is still released in the last generation of sonyit is logical that we can see it in Switch 2 for next year.

Via: Twitter


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Author’s note: With this we would have one more title that is going to join the wave of those who are going to trust Switch 2. Now all that remains is for Nintendo to give us news about the device, since not even in the company’s most recent live are we going to see even a slight advance.


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