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Warner Bros. will be producing more anime content




Although some may not have it on their radar, an anime called Suicide Squad Isekai, which puts these classic characters in D.C. in a new setting where they have a renewed appearance worthy of other series such as Hunter X Hunter or Death Note. That has led to Warner Bros. to reflect on this type of creations, and have come to the conclusion that part of their expansion in Japan will be the creation of more shows with this unique visual style.

Here what he said James Gibbons WBD Asia-Pacific President:

We have a Japanese anime studio, which has been producing five or ten anime series a year for the last few years. We have approved an expansion to take it to more than ten series per year.

The studio has been operational since 2011 and delivered more than 80 titles in that time, a mix of high-quality anime, live-action series, and movies. They include “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure,” which was originally published in a manga magazine starting in 1987 and became an animated series that launched in 2012, the “Record of Ragnarok” series and an anime film “Batman Ninja.”

We have sold them to third parties. That has been one of the metrics. And they are doing it very well. And, because we see the appeal of the category, we are expanding it. Anime is one of the best ways to reach the incredibly elusive 18-30 year old audience. Globally, although not in all markets, but in the United States, parts of Europe and Latin America, we have strong anime audiences.

There are Japanese anime that come from the original intellectual property. But there are also anime that come from other places. And we looked at our DC universe and said, 'Can we take these characters and reinvent them in the anime world?', which is not easy because you have to do it the right way. You have to work with the right studios to make this happen and build your fan base.

It is worth mentioning that the company's streaming platforms continue to add anime content, proof of this is that we can already see some episodes of the sequel to Inuyasha, Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai, One Piece, Naruto And till Dragon Ball Kai. Likewise, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure remains solid in terms of audience, given that with each season released there are many followers who pay the membership so as not to miss the episodes.

With this in mind, there are many fans who would like to watch anime from some brands like The Justice League.

Via: Variety

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Editor's note: It would be nice if they now work with their own franchises, even bringing back The Powerpuff Girls Z but with a major and more serious reboot. We will have to see if they do things well in the coming years.

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