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Was Arrowhead Game Studios bought by PlayStation?|Atomix



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The success of Helldivers II It has been something unexpected. While this title is also available on PC, when we talk about consoles, this is a PS5 exclusive. In this way, many have wondered if PlayStation has the intention of acquiring the studio responsible for this installment, Arrowhead Game Studios. Well, a new rumor seems to indicate that this is the case.

According to the same person who leaked the recent information about Ghost of Tsushima on PC, PlayStation is already in talks to buy Arrowhead Game Studios, and they would even be planning the announcement of their acquisition. For their part, there is no official information from PlayStation or Arrowhead Game Studios, and beyond their word as a person who has proven to be right in the past, there is no evidence to indicate that this will be the case in the future.

Along with this, yesterday, March 4, CEO of Arrowhead Game Studio and director of Helldivers IImentioned on his official Twitter account that the studio remains an independent team. This is what he said about it:

“No one owns us. We are independently owned!”

Nothing assures us that this has not changed in the past.. The last two games from Arrowhead Game Studios, helldivers and Helldivers II, have positioned themselves as strong cards for PlayStation. Along with this, let's remember that something similar happened with Housemarque, which was acquired by Sony shortly after the launch of Returnal.

However, the cases of Arrowhead Game Studios and Housemarque are different. The creators of Returnal They positioned themselves as a studio that worked exclusively for Sony consoles since the time of the PlayStation 3, and had collaborated directly with this company on multiple occasions. Those responsible for Helldivers IIfor its part, They do not have the same relationship, beyond their last two titles.

Although PlayStation has even considered the possibility of acquiring Arrowhead Game Studios, It is also possible that this study opposes this union, especially right now. The developers and directors of this team have expressed their discontent with some of the practices we see today in the industry, such as growth without some planning, which has led to the layoffs of thousands of employees over the last few weeks. Along with this, it is likely that they will not feel comfortable joining PlayStation Studios after hundreds of layoffs were announced a few days ago.

From Arrowhead Game Studios' perspective, the acquisition would not make much sense. However, PlayStation could see this purchase as a victory. Let us remember that, although several projects of this type have been cancelled, games as a service continue to be an important factor in Sony's future, so having another team that has proven to understand this formula would be an easy decision to make. .

We can only wait to see what will happen between Arrowhead Game Studios and PlayStation. No matter what the decision is in the end, many will probably not be surprised. On related topics, you can check out our review of Helldivers II here. Likewise, this is all that would come to the game in the future.

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Editor's Note:

I hope Arrowhead Game Studios doesn't get acquired by PlayStation. This is a team that works perfectly the way they are right now. While they had problems that probably wouldn't have happened with PlayStation's support, they've managed to pull through, and they're likely very appreciative of the work they've done on their own.

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