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Was the Gears of War: E-DAY trailer CGI?




Although several days have passed since the official revelation of Gears of War: E-Day, the public still cannot believe that this project is a reality. This is mainly due to its incredible visuals that make use of Unreal Engine 5, something that many did not believe was possible, even Geoff Keighley.

Shortly after the official reveal of this prequel, Keighley pointed out that the first look was a CGI cinematic, something that many took as a message of discredit, and a somewhat childish way to get upset by having this revelation at your summer event. However, shortly after it was confirmed that this was not the case, but that everything was done on time using the Unreal Engine 5, something that Blizzard developer Jamir Blanco made clear with a message on Twitter:

“The incredible Gears visual you just saw was COMPLETELY REAL-TIME. With models, textures, environments, etc. in real time. All within Unreal Engine 5. Saying it was a ‘Blur Studio CG’ downplays all the technical achievements you probably didn’t notice because of how good it was.”

Of course, this was just the first official look at Gears of War: E-Dayand considering that the title does not yet have a release date, There is a possibility that the visual section may undergo a couple of changes between the version we saw at the Xbox Games Showcaseand the one that will reach our hands in the future.

We just have to wait to see what everything will look like once it’s available.. On related topics, will the new game arrive in 2025? Likewise, will the story of the series continue after Gears 5?

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Author’s Note:

The Coalition is a fantastic studio that masters the Unreal Engine, and they have experimented with the capabilities of this engine in recent years, so it is very likely that E-Day could even look better at launch.

Via: Jamir Blanco

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