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We would have more information about Paper Mario HD



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Although the first party offer for the switch This year doesn't look as big as previous occasions, there are two remasters that fans are looking forward to, and we're talking about Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door HD and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Although at the moment there is not much information about these titles, Everything seems to indicate that we are just a few days away from having more details about it.

Although Nintendo has remained silent about these two remasters, Pyro, a famous insider focused on the Big N, has pointed out that In this month of March we will have more details about Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door HD and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Although he did not offer an exact date for this, he has mentioned that the information would arrive within the framework of Mario Day, that is, around March 10.

Now, it's very likely that when Nintendo talks about these games again, it will provide release dates for these remasters. Let us remember that next March 22 will arrive Princess Peach: Showtime!, hence Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door HD and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD They are probably planned for April, May or June.

For now, Nintendo has not shared information about its first party release schedule beyond Princess Peach: Showtime!, so it would make sense to see the launch of these two titles before the annual presentation they hold in June. As always, we can only wait for the Big N to share official information about it. On related issues, Nintendo loses important demand. Likewise, SEGA blames the Big N for the poor performance of Sonic Superstars.

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Editor's Note:

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door HD It's one of my favorite games on the GameCube, and I can't wait to enjoy this experience again. However, I was not a big fan of Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Now we just have to wait for more information about the release date of these two titles to come to light, something that could happen at any time.

Via: Pyro

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