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What is the community legend who defeated Malenia 6,000 times doing?



Because many players in Elden Ring had problems with the boss enemy Malenia, a YouTuber helped with the fight thousands of times and thus earned a very good reputation within the community. But that is now over. What happened to the humble hero?

Which YouTuber is it about? The name of the content creator speaks volumes: Let me solo her. This sums up his mission regarding Malenia well. In the past, he allowed himself to be summoned by desperate players and defeated the boss single-handedly.


While many players use different methods to defeat Malenia, such as throwing jugs at her, Let me solo her made short work of it.

Almost naked and with a cauldron on his head, he stormed towards Malenia and did not allow himself to be hit once in the fight that followed. The YouTuber had perfected the duel against his feared opponent.


A few months ago, however, he announced that he was slowly losing interest in Malenia. He said he had had enough of it.


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Malenia leaves, Messmer comes?

What is the YouTuber doing now? The countless duels against Malenia are history. According to the YouTuber, he has defeated the boss between 6,000 and 7,000 times. It is understandable that he now wants to turn his attention to other things.


In this case, other things means more Elden Ring. He plays the game again from the beginning in live streams on his YouTube channel. He wants to use this to prepare for the upcoming DLC ​​Shadow of the Erdtree.

This is also supposed to be the next big thing on the channel. In the “Final Malenia soloing stream” from June 15, 2024 on YouTube, he announced at the end that he would be launching new content in time for the release of the DLC. However, he has not yet revealed whether this will be in the form of guides, playthroughs or other forms of assistance.


So Let me solo her will remain with the Elden Ring community. Future players will have to face Malenia without him, but considering that the DLC ups the difficulty level even further, it is quite possible that Let me solo her will once again go into battle for the community.

Because when we first played the expansion, we noticed that the bosses were tough again and outshone those from the main game in terms of difficulty. Whether it was Malenia’s brother Messmer, who appeared prominently in the trailers for the DLC, or another of the many new bosses, remains to be seen.


Let me solo her has served the community well so far. But his journey with Elden Ring is not over yet. Perhaps he will appear again in the worlds of desperate players in the coming weeks and months in the form of a shimmering summoning symbol. The Metacritic ratings for the DLC are unanimous and praise the expansion highly.

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