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What time does the fourth season of The Boys premiere? |




For some years now the series of The Boys has become the most striking of Prime Video, It could even be considered the flagship of the streaming service, and that is because they give us a different approach from the conventional ones when we talk about superheroes. And now, we are basically no time left until the fourth season of the same premieres, and here we can tell you at what exact minute you can connect online so you can admire the first episodes of the new wave.

In the case of Mexicothe first three episodes of season four will arrive in a single broadcast, and then have premieres on a weekly basis, something that has been constantly happening with the series that have been arriving on this streaming platform. amazon. The clearest example is that of Who killed him?which tells us what the life of the well-known Paco Stanley was like before what he spent in El Charco de las Ranas, which by the way is being a success in the country of origin.


will be next January 13 sharp at 12:00 AM when fans will have access to the episodes, so those who like to stay up late will have the option of spending an entertaining night, although for those who take it a little easier, they will be able to admire these segments when they wake up. Then, we will have to wait week by week for the remaining ones to be released until the season is completed.

Here is the description of the series:


The series “The Boys” is a superhero comic book adaptation created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. It centers on a world where superheroes, known as the “Seven,” are managed by a powerful corporation called Vought International. Although they appear to be perfect heroes in public, in private they are corrupt and morally compromised.

The plot follows a group of vigilantes called “The Boys”, led by Billy Butcher, who embark on a mission to expose and defeat the corrupt superheroes responsible for numerous atrocities. “The Boys” combines intense action, dark humor and a satirical critique of superhero and celebrity culture.

Remember that you can now consult previous seasons at Prime Video. Here you can subscribe to the platform.


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Author’s note: Up to this point I haven’t seen a single episode of the series, but it’s possible that when it’s complete I’ll finally give it a chance. However, for it to have closure, the fifth season must arrive.


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