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After the unfortunate death of Akira Toriyama, the information related to Dragon Ball Daima, the new anime in the series, was stopped, so many have come to think that this production suffered from some type of delay. Fortunately, It has been revealed when we will have more information about the new adventure of Goku and companyand we won’t have to wait long.

Toei Animation has confirmed that During San Diego Comic-Con, which will take place between July 25 and 28, we will have more information about Dragon Ball Daima. Considering that this anime has a planned premiere at some point in 2024, it is very likely that a specific premiere date for the fall will be confirmed during this event, as many have noted.

Along with this, more information is expected about the production, history, and many elements that fans want to know. Beyond this, the Toei Animation panel is expected to share more information about the future of Dragon Ball, especially after Toriyama’s death. Let’s remember that there are still many possible projects on the horizon, such as an anime that continues the story of Dragon Ball Super.

We remind you that San Diego Comic-Con will take place between July 25 and 28so during these days we will have more information about Dragon Ball Daima. On related topics, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero It already has a release date. Likewise, this was when they accused Dragon Ball of Satanism.

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Author’s Note:

It will be interesting to see what it offers us. Dragon Ball Daima. Not only is it the last anime that Toriyama had the opportunity to work on, but it will give us a new look at this world, with a concept that we originally saw in Dragon Ball GT.

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