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Who killed him? It is a success of Prime Video MX




A few weeks ago it was released Who killed him?a series that is dedicated to showing us the events that occurred around the murder of Paco Stanley in Mexico in 1999. Now, it has been revealed that this dramatization has been such a great success, to the extent that this has already become the most successful production in the history of Prime Video Mexico.

According to Luis Gerardo Méndez, who plays a dramatized version of Mario Bezares in this series, today it has been confirmed that Who killed him? It is already the most successful Prime Video Mexico series in the history of this platform in our countrythus surpassing other series, miniseries, movies, specials and documentaries that we find here.


While the specific numbers are still a mystery, this should not be a big surprise, since this is a dramatization of one of the events that marked an entire generation in Mexico, and is still referenced nationally. Despite criticism about how accurate the historical events have been in this production, It is a fact that many are enjoying this production.


Similar to what happened with Luis Miguel: The Series, one of the most striking sections is the romanization of an event that has become a legendall wrapped in a well-acted drama with production levels worthy of the platform on which it arrives.

We remind you that all episodes of Who killed him? They are now available on Prime Video. On related topics, more commercials are coming to Prime Video. Similarly, Amazon reduces the visual quality on its streaming platform.


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Author’s Note:

I haven’t finished the series yet, but I really liked what I saw. It is a good production that gives shape to one of the most striking events in Mexico at the end of the 20th century. It’s no big surprise that his success is so great.


Via: Luis Gerardo Mendez


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