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Why are thousands of people rushing to buy a tiny computer for under 30 euros?



The company behind the Raspberry Pi launched on the stock market with huge success. Thousands of investors were keen to get their hands on the new shares. But why is such a tiny computer for around 30 euros so popular?

When was the IPO? Raspberry Pi went public on June 10, 2024. The company was founded as a commercial company by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2012.


The IPO was a huge success: Raspberry Pi shares rose by as much as 40% in early trading before falling slightly to 3.85 British pounds (around 5 euros) at around 12 noon, still about 38% above the market price. The IPO valued the startup at almost 542 million pounds (650 million euros). Our colleagues at reported this.

Raspberry Pi has a large fan base, especially the low price made it a hit

What makes the Raspberry Pi so popular? The Raspberry Pi is not much bigger than a credit card and is a single-board computer. Theoretically, you don’t need more than an SD card with an operating system and you can start using the mini PC. Today, the mini computer is used in a number of systems:


From screens to power control systems to smart speakers and robots, the board is used almost everywhere. In addition, the small computer has a huge fan base and community and is purchased for thousands of DIY projects.

Another advantage is the low price: for a long time, the Raspberry Pi cost no more than 50 euros and you can sometimes get entry-level boards for around 30 euros. But since the Rasperry Pi 5, the prices for the single-board system have also risen significantly.


What’s next for the Raspberry Pi? The company behind the Rasperry Pi plans to invest the money raised in the development of its products and the expansion of its educational activities.
The last model, the Raspberry Pi 5, was released in October 2023. It is therefore unlikely that a successor will appear so soon. The current model costs around 70 euros in the 8 GB version, which is not exactly cheap for a Raspberry Pi.

And some have been criticizing for some time that the company, which grew primarily through the community, no longer takes the community seriously enough and is more interested in large customers and their money. The company is now a long way from the cheap models of 4 or 5 years ago. And back then, low prices were advertised because the Raspberry was aimed primarily at schools and institutions.


A mini PC in apple format: MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann bought a mini PC so that the gaming PC doesn’t have to run all day. And it was worth it for several reasons: My new PC is the size of 2 apples and saves me 10 euros in electricity costs every month

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