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Will Taylor Swift appear in Deadpool & Wolverine?




Deadpool & Wolverine It is one of the most anticipated films of the year and, similar to other films that belong to the MCU multiverse saga, many have doubts about the possible cameos that the film will have. One of the biggest rumors in recent months has been Taylor Swift in the role of Dazzler, something that seems not to be the case.

Although this is a fairly strong rumor, Entertainment Weekly has indicated that this will not happen. According to sources close to the media, Swift will have some type of participation in Deadpool & Wolverineand it is unknown if the character of Dazzler will appear in a certain way in the third film in this acclaimed saga.


One of the reasons why the rumor has gained a lot of interest in recent months is because Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, and his team seems to have done everything they can to hint at this possibility. It all started with bracelets that refer to the singer, and not long ago we saw the actor and the director of this film at the same NFL game where Swift was supporting her boyfriend.

Of course, and as always happens in these cases, it is best to wait for the tape to be available to have an official response, but everything seems to indicate that Taylor Swift is not yet ready to join the MCU. In related topics, the duration of this film is revealed. Likewise, this is the movie’s dovetail.


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Author’s Note:

If Taylor Swift appears on Deadpool & Wolverine, his participation will be reduced to a simple cameo, without much to do. We are already beyond these types of moments. Furthermore, the singer has to release another version of her album to prevent other artists from achieving the success they deserve.


Via: Entertainment Weekly


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