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Will Tom Holland be Danny Phantom in live action?



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Danny Phantom is one of Nickelodeon's most beloved animated series. Originally broadcast in 2007, this production had three seasons. Although it has been years since its end, fans are eagerly awaiting the possibility of seeing a sequel or a live-action movie. Although at the moment there is no official information on this last point, it has been mentioned that, If it were a reality, Tom Holland would be the right actor for the main role.

It has been rumored for some time that Nickelodeon would be working on a live action movie of Danny Phantomsimilar to what Cartoon Network did with Ben 10 at the time. In this way, Butch Hartman, director of the series, was questioned about the possibility of seeing this project come true. While he did not offer specific details, during MegaCon in Orland, The animator pointed out that Tom Holland would be the perfect actor to play this Danny in live action.

Unfortunately, this is just a wish at the moment, since there is no official information from Nickelodeon whether a live-action Danny Phantom movie is even in development. With this, some fans do not agree with the choice of Tom Hollandnot only because of how expensive it would be to hire an actor of this caliber, but also because the ages do not correspond.

Danny Phantom is a 14-year-old teenager, while Tom Holland is 27 years old, and while the actor has been able to play young people, as he did with Spider-Man in the MCU. With this, Hollando is currently committed to a projectsince he has revealed that he plans to return to the theater to participate in a new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. We can only wait to see what will happen with this possible project. On related topics, this is what The Simpsons looks like in real life. Likewise, here you can see the first trailer of A Quiet Place: Day One.

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Editor's Note:

As a fan of Danny Phantom, more than a movie, I would like to see a sequel. The world created by Hartman is extensive and has the potential to show us endless facets of all the characters. In this way, a continuation with Danny and his friends as adults would be much more interesting.

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