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monster hunter wilds

In December 2023, Capcom introduced the new game “Monster Hunter Wilds” (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X). Now there is more information from a reliable leaker: Everything he says sounds like Monster Hunter World 2. The new game Monster Hunter Wilds is probably coming in early 2025 with an open world and everything about it sounds great.

This is the situation:

  • Monster Hunter World was a huge success for Capcom in 2018, bringing the successful franchise in Japan to the West.
  • Although the game had some content after launch and an expansion, Iceborne, was released in September 2019, Monster Hunter World ultimately came to an end. It was never intended to be a long-lasting service game.
  • In December 2023, Capcom announced “Monster Hunter Wilds”. That looked great in the trailer. However, concrete information was still missing:

Trailer: Monster Hunter Wilds – announced for PlayStation

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Monster Hunter Wilds is said to be open world

What new information is this? The Eurogamer site quotes “reliable leaker” Dusk Golem, who shared new information about Monster Hunter Wilds in a Discord:

  • The entire game offers a “full open world” – it no longer relies on individually exploreable areas like previous parts
  • The entire game revolves around this open world – from the story to the endgame
  • Monster Hunter Wilds has been in development since 2019 and uses many ideas that no longer made it into Monster Hunter World
  • Monster Hunter World boss Yuya Tokuda is leading development. He has full creative freedom over the new game

At least one point of the leaks can now be considered official. Tokuda will be the head of Wilds (via tweet).

Monster Hunter Wilds is said to be the biggest game Capcom has ever made

What encourages you to play a great game? According to the leaker, development is going great so far. The game is more experimental than World and takes more risks, but the feedback so far has been great:
“Capcom is giving it their all here – it’s by far the biggest game they’ve ever attempted.”

What's this coming? Monster Hunter Wilds is scheduled to release in Q1 2025 – Monster Hunter World came out on January 26, 2018.

After the announcement of a new game, Monster Hunter World also experienced another surge on Steam:

The powerful Monster Hunter World celebrates a huge comeback on Steam – Reaches over 90,000 players

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