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Wonka event goes viral because of how bad it was



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In December of last year, Wonka was released, a film that revitalized general interest in the Willy Wonka property. So, it shouldn't be a big surprise to hear that someone took this opportunity to create a unique experience. However, this plan did not come to fruition in the way that many expected, and it was not only a disappointment, but it became a global mockery in recent days.

According to BBC News, an event known as the Willy Wonka Experience took place in Glasgow, Scotland last weekend, where audiences paid up to £35 for an entry ticket. Here, immersive experiences, a chocolate fountain, and a series of activities for the whole family were promised. However, When the doors opened, attendees found an abandoned warehouse far removed from what many expected.

House of Illuminati, the organizers, promoted this event on social networks with images created by artificial intelligence, which painted a faithful recreation of the Willy Wonka factory that we have seen in the movies. Along with this, the promotional messages pointed to an experience that would honor the magic we find in this chocolate mute. At the end of the day, All that was offered was a bounce house, a couple of themed decorations, such as a gummy bear less than a meter talland a person dressed as the saddest umpa lumpa in the world.

As it was expected, Attendees complained, displayed refunds, and local police had to intervene to prevent the situation from getting out of control. Although this experience was planned to last two days, it was immediately cancelled. Along with this, a series of images became popular online, creating memes, and becoming a joke worldwide.


The Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience:

For now, It is unknown if House of Illuminati will face any legal consequences, but they may no longer host themed events. On related topics, this was the palomera of Wonka On cinemas.

Editor's Note:

This was a once in a lifetime event, and something that had to be shared with everyone. Not only do we see the nerve of the organizers to promote this event using artificial intelligence, but also the lack of interest in creating anything that remotely resembles the promotional images.

Via: BBC News

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