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World of Warcraft gets battle royale mode



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Battle royale is a genre that everyone wants to participate in. After the success of Fortnite, many studios believe they are capable of delivering an experience similar or better to Epic Games' work. Now, Blizzard joins this trend, since world of warcraft will receive a battle royale mode, although only temporarily.

Starting today, March 19, all users with a subscription to world of warcraft will be able to enjoy Plunderstorma mode inspired by battle royale, where up to 60 players compete in games lasting between 10 and 15 minuteswhere only the best will survive.

While the gameplay is inspired by titles like Fortnite and PUBG, Plunderstorm will have a series of unique elements that we find in world of warcraft. This is just a small update that will keep players entertained until the arrival of The War Withinthe next major expansion of this MMORPG, which will be available between late summer and early fall.

Although Plunderstorm It's just a temporary mode, At the moment it is unknown until when it will be available, so it will be better to enjoy this content until the last second. On related topics, they report that there will be more layoffs from Blizzard. Likewise, it seems that a Warcraft mobile game was canceled.

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Editor's Note:

Battle royale is fun when the experience revolves around this concept. I don't know how it is that Plunderstorm It will be comparable to other experiences of the same style, but I hope that World of Warcraft fans can at least entertain themselves before the title's next big expansion.

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