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WoW: In Plunderstorm your death is now worth more



The Blizzard developers are now rewarding you with more fame in every World of Warcraft game of Plunderstorm. We'll tell you how you can get the mounts, pets, titles and cosmetic items particularly quickly.

What have the Blizzard developers changed? The following hotfixes went live for the new Plunderstorm mode of World of Warcraft on the night of March 20th to 21st, 2024:

  • The amount of junk dropped by other players has been significantly increased.
  • Non-player enemy loot has been increased by 50 percent.
  • The junk from golden chests has been doubled.
  • The best placement in a match now rewards 500 Plunder (was 100).

Developer Kurbeegold emphasizes in the announcement in the official WoW forum that defeated players do not lose any junk when they die. Your virtual demise is now simply more valuable than before. The designer also explains that the junk received depends on how much junk the defeated player has been able to collect to date.

You can watch the trailer for WoW: Plunderstorm here:

WoW: Plunderstorm – this is how the battle royale mode works

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What do I do with all this junk? The Plunder you earn from a game of Plunderstorm will be converted into Glory for account-wide progress after each match. Through fame progress you can climb up to 40 levels and earn various rewards.

The main options are cosmetic items, pets, mounts and titles. The highlights certainly include the majestic Parrot of the Plunderlord (Mount), Blubbi the Crab (Pet), Pepe the Pirate (Pet) and a chic pirate outfit.

Are there already players at level 40? Sure, of course! LordLongshaft presented his fully equipped pirate on Reddit a few hours ago. It is unclear whether there were other players who were even faster.

According to Icy Veins, LordLongshaft is said to have left a game with around 700 to 800 junk after the warm-up rounds, which for him usually ended after five to six minutes – and that was before the hotfixes.

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How do I farm Danish efficiently? Basically, you get loot by killing players and creatures and looting golden chests. You will also be rewarded with Plunder for completing quests and winning a game.

If you want to grab all of Plunderstorm's rewards particularly quickly, you should play as a duo with a friend as often as possible. This way you will receive bonus junk when your companion earns junk.

Another good strategy is to avoid PvP battles as much as possible and to specialize in killing as many monsters and looting chests as possible in each game. Abilities like Fire Spin, Storm Archon, Mana Sphere and Star Bomb will help you with this.

Otherwise, work specifically on the tasks of the currently active quests. For this you have to open two chests, collect a certain number of junk, kill creatures or collect two spells or items each. The daily quest, which is available at the same time, attracts more junk.

By the way: If you die and then immediately leave the game, you won't lose any fame you earned up to that point. More about this in the following article:

“Will I lose my junk?” – WoW players are afraid to leave Battle Royale mode after death

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