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WoW: Season 4 has a release date



WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Neltharion Titel

Blizzard has announced the start of Season 4 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. It's supposed to start on April 23rd. Season 4 brings a new dungeon rotation for Mythic+ and Fateful Raids – something that has caused controversy before.

When does the season start?

  • According to one Tweet from the official WoW channel, Season 4 starts on April 23rd. Since this is a Tuesday, the season will probably start here on April 24th.
  • If you still want to secure the heroics “Ahead of the Time” or “Leaders” in the current raid Amirdrassil, you must have done so by then. After that this is no longer possible.
  • The contents of Season 4 are already widely known because many of them were already playable on the PTR.

This is in Season 4: The most important innovations in Season 4 are the new PvP season, the new Mythic+ season and the new and old raids. Because instead of a new raid, you will be able to play the three raids from Dragonflight again: the Vault of Incarnations, Aberrus and Amirdrassil.

The 3 raids are being re-released in a “fateful” version – or in this case, the “awakened” variant. This type of raid was introduced in Shadowlands and provides instances with additional affixes, similar to Keystone Dungeons. The active raid changes every week, at least if the information from the PTR is correct.

Players have been arguing about whether this is a great or annoying idea since the end of Shadowlands. Some people like to watch the old raids again, others would have been more happy about a fourth raid. The lack of a major content patch 10.3 is definitely weighing heavily on fans.

When it comes to Mythic+, you will find all 8 Dragonflight dungeons in the Season 4 rotation without reinforcements from old expansions.

Instead of a patch 10.3, Blizazrd wants to release several small patches with special content. Plunderstorm is currently the big experiment:

WoW: Plunderstorm – this is how the battle royale mode works

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Blizzard is completely changing the endgame with Season 4

With Season 4, WoW does not get the already familiar “key squish”, with which keystone levels generally become stronger. Instead, Blizzard is completely turning Dungeons inside out:

  • Heroic dungeons will be about as hard as Mythic +0
  • Mythic 0 then roughly corresponds to the current level of Mythic +10
  • Item levels and loot will be adjusted accordingly

The adjustments apply not only to Season 4, but according to current information also to the subsequent expansion The War Within, which is expected to launch in the summer.

Blizzard is also trying something new when it comes to loot. The tier sets that you can get were previously selected by the community itself and determined for each spec. The legendary weapons Fyr'alath and Nas'zuro return. Anyone who already has it can upgrade it.

A specific ending for Season 4 has not yet been announced. However, if it is not extended again, you can expect it to end in July or August 2024. That would coincide with the assumed release period of The War Within. The first changes have already been made: The beta of WoW The War Within is not live yet, but Blizzard is already saying: Sorry, we'll change that

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