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X-Men villain leaked to appear in MCU reboot




For quite a few years now, when the purchase of FOX On the part of Disney, the inclusion of the X Men to the universe of movies Marvel, since before it was impossible to add them due to the issue of film rights. However, it seems that the mouse company is taking its time, given that up to this point they are gradually adding to the mutants, at least that is something we saw in the series where Kamala Khan is the protagonist.

And now, through a famous leaker of these films, interesting information has been given about who could be the first villain to defeat in the debut film of these famous characters, since apparently, there will be an origin even though it was mentioned in previous Sometimes it would be totally the opposite. Something that should still be clear is that this time it is not about magnetthe most iconic and who has an interesting rival relationship with the professor Charles Xavier.

As mentioned by the insider, Mr. Sinister It will be the first obstacle with which the mutants will make their debut in the UCM, with new versions of Rogue, Storm, Beastamong others that have even been seen in The Marvels, specifically the post-credits scene. It is also not really known if there will be a new wolverinesince this will return in the new movie Deadpoolbut it could only be a mere cameo not to return later.

Here is a description of this villain:

Mr. Sinister” is a fictional supervillain who commonly appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics, especially in stories related to the X-Men. His real name is Nathaniel Essex. He was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Marc Silvestri, and first appeared in “Uncanny X-Men” #221 in 1987.

Mr. Sinister is an extremely intelligent and ambitious genetic scientist who becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​evolution and genetic improvement. After being rejected by British scientist Charles Darwin in the 19th century, Essex seeks his own methods to accelerate human evolution and create a race of superior beings.

He uses his scientific knowledge to carry out genetic experiments, manipulating and enhancing human DNA to create more powerful mutants. He is often seen facing off against X Men due to his unethical methods and desire to manipulate evolution for his own benefit.

For now it is not known when the X Men to the MCUit could be until phase 8 after watching Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Editor's note: It is a fact that they are already preparing this franchise to join the MCU. However, it must be a worthwhile plan for fans to feel satisfied. This year we could learn more at events like Comic-Con or D23.

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