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Xbox update adds highly requested feature




Console updates do not usually arrive so often, but every month they always try to add a patch to fix minor problems or add options that have been promised for quite some time, and this time Xbox has decided to give something new to its followers. This is so that there is an easier way to play remotely, and we are not talking about the cloud service on cell phones, but rather another element that people were looking for so as not to do without controls.

According to what has been shared, it is now possible to have touch controls for remote play so that the player can use the console from anywhere, something that is much more useful for somewhat simple titles such as turn-based RPGs in which everything is managed more for menu reasons. For their part, action games would have some problems, since they use key buttons such as triggers and pressing the sticks for certain skills, so it would not be the best way to play.

And it is worth clarifying that they can only be used in 100 selected games, so you will have to see the compatibility menu.

Here the description:

The same custom touch layouts available through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) will now be available when you play remotely from your personal console.

This includes games like Minecraft Dungeons, Psychonauts 2, Sea of ​​Thieves, and many more. Additionally, a basic touch control layout can now be used for most other games.

We've added new filters and sorting to My Games & Apps to help you find exactly what you're looking for on your Xbox. You can now filter games by accessibility, supported languages, and technical features.

This update is now available for those who have their console Xbox Series X/S. And it comes a day before knowing the company's new plans, which will be shown through a podcast next February 15. At this point the business plans are a mystery.

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Editor's note: It's cool that you have these controls for certain video games in particular, especially RPGs in which the player doesn't want to be in front of the television. It would be ideal for Persona deliveries, especially 3 and 4 which essentially come from laptops.

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