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Xbox video showing off sales on PlayStation



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Today, we see big companies in the industry speaking positively about each other. However, it wasn't long ago that Sony and Microsoft were using every possible opportunity to boast about some kind of advantage in the Console Wars. Many will remember PlayStation's infamous video on how to lend PS4 games. However, A presentation by Peter Moore has recently resurfaced, where he talks about the advantage that the Xbox 360 had over the PS3.

Recently, a video resurfaced from E3 2006, where Peter Moore, who at the time held the position of corporate vice president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business division, overseeing the Xbox and Xbox 360 gaming consoles, boasted the high sales of the 360 ​​at the beginning of its generation. Here we can see it comparing this hardware with what was generated by the PlayStation 3, as well as the Wii. This is what an Icon-Era user commented about it:

“Arrogant Sony? No. Microsoft at the head was unbearable.”

Let us remember that The Xbox 360 started its generation in a positive way. For years, this was the console of choice, not only for players, but for developers. Due to a series of missteps by Sony, the PlayStation 3 did not debut as well as many expected. In this way, Microsoft took the opportunity, and managed to build a loyal fan base, and relationships with some of the big studios in the industry.

While at the end of the day the Xbox 360 “lost” the Console War in this generation, since hardware sales were below what was seen with the Wii and PS3, No one can deny that this was a platform loved by everyone, and that it positioned Microsoft as one of the big three for the industry. However, today we see a completely different picture.

In a period of almost 20 years we have seen how Xbox went from being a company that boasted about its sales and mocked PlayStation, one that could well leave the development of consoles to bring its games to the platforms of what at some point I consider its rivals. On related topics, we already know when the presentation on the future of Xbox will take place. Likewise, they change the hardware development leader at Xbox.

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Editor's Note:

Those were other years. Since the generation of the PS4 and Xbox One, the two companies have behaved better, limiting themselves to just a couple of comments on their social networks. However, long gone are the days where top company managers openly mocked their competitors. For many, this is something that is missed.

Via: Icon Era

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